When it comes to working out, losing weight or just being physically productive, there are no better options than outdoor sports and recreational activities. Working out in the gym might seem like a huge step for new members to the fitness world, so to keep things simple, yet going for the young, enthusiastic fitness lovers, we have compiled 10 outdoor sports and activities for a great start to their fitness routine.    

1) Walking

An easy way to burn calories, lose belly fat, build knee strength and lower your blood pressure, is by brisk walking 30 minutes per day. Approximately this will help you cut down 80 to 100 calories per half-hour. Walking the dog, walking in the park, balcony, or garden, all of them are effective once you have the determination to get going and moving your body. Beginners should start with shorter distances and increase it as they proceed. The best thing about walking is that it is suitable for every age group, requires no special equipment’s, and burns fat effectively. Per leading physicians, walking helps lower the risk of heart-related diseases. We might not realize but while using the stairs instead of an elevator and running errands at home, we do make most of our walking routine.

 2) Cycling

What can be better than making most of the sunny day, while peddling through the park or neighborhood with your cycle? It is advised to cycle on the smooth surface unless you have the skills for rocky steps. Cycling is very beneficial for bone and muscle strengthening, keeping the balance and coordination, increasing flexibility and decreasing stress levels.

 3) Running and hiking


Running and hiking are aerobic workouts which take a lot more strength than walking. Running is beneficial for every part of your body; it is a mood lifter, stress buster and can boost your immune system. Running and jogging are recommended by doctors since it helps strengthen the heart, lowers risk of breast cancer, blood clots, and strokes. If you have knee issues or get breathless very early on during a walk, running jogging and hiking might not be your cup of tea.

4) Swimming

Swimming is a triple treat. It works as a water sport, aerobic exercise and even as a body relaxing activity. Swimming is a great way to beat the summer’s heat and get a toned body. Swimming can help you sleep better, boost mood, reduce stress and strengthen the muscle. Approximately 350 calories are burnt by 30 minutes of breaststrokes, which is more than 30 minutes of walking, running and cycling. Apart from being a great workout, studies show swimming can be good for dealing with depression, tension, anger, and confusion since the feel-good hormone serotonin is released from the body.

5) Boxing

Boxing is a great way to build focus, balance, coordination, stability and total body strength. Overall boxing helps reduced stress, increase muscle tone and burn fat. The attacking position helps with the focus and increases energy level. While the defense position helps with balance and coordination. The hand-eye coordination will help you enhance your motor skills and reflexes.

6) Rowing, paddling, and boating

Most of the sports and activities we have mentioned so far relate to upper body movements, while rowing is one of the best lower body workouts. It is important to learn the technique of rowing in water and using your lower body to the best of its ability. This recreational activity is refreshing since it involves being near nature, in water and surrounded by trees or the beautiful landscape. Rowing can offer a full body workout with the arms, back, and biceps contributing to the whole regime. Rowing is exceptionally beneficial for burning mass body fat, building muscle strength, lowering stress, improving joint mobility and stabilizing the body

7) Dancing

Dancing has to be, hands down the most fun, relaxing and body shaping workout. It is the most affordable activity, which can be done in your own bedroom- just turn on the music and dance as much as you wish. Apart from being a great way to burn calories, increasing strength and motor skills, dancing can be extremely beneficial for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

8) Indoor bouldering

Indoor bouldering is not as hard as rock climbing. This activity can be a little challenging but is often adventurous, and fun. You will be surprised to see how quickly it will help you burn calories and improve upper body strength. You can approximately lose 700 calories in one-hour of climbing.

9) Yoga and Pilates

Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility, reduce body stiffness and boost overall health. The stretches and postures help balance respiratory functions and boost metabolism.

10) Tennis and racquetball

Like yoga tennis and racket ball also helps with flexibility, focus, and coordination skills. One hour of tennis approximately burns 600 calories. The sport is a mind-body workout, helping both muscle and brain development.