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Stephen Hillenburg, a former marine biology teacher, who is credited for creating the all time favourite children’s show SpongeBob Squarepants, passed away on the 26th November. He was only 57.

Remember the days when you returned home after school to watch any episode of the cartoon on Nickelodeon, with SpongeBob’s contagious laugh being ingrained into your mind eternally? Back then, none of us realised that two decades later there would be an influx of SpongeBob memes flooding the internet.


Here are 5 iconic scenes from the show that pay homage to its creator and fill our hearts with pure nostalgia:

1. The time SpongeBob went to Sandy’s tree dome and had no water to stay alive.

The Odyssey


2. The time Squidward recruited citizens of Bikini Bottom to form a marching band.


3. When SpongeBob drew a perfect circle.


4. When SpongeBob ripped his pants picking up a marshmallow dumbbell.

The Odyssey

5. When SpongeBob and Patrick go around selling chocolate.

The Odyssey

Here’s to you Stephen! Thank you for filling our childhood with so much joy and laughter.