Monsoon season has started in Pakistan, bringing with it rainfall, beautiful weather, and insects. Rainfall is a blessing for some and a nightmare for others because it brings Monsoon Insects and Pests with it which is a menace! Here are 7 ways to keep your house safe from these insects that bring diseases with them!

1.Keep Wooden Items Dry

Damp Wood attracts termites such as white ants so it’s best to keep your wooden utensils dry at all times! Preferably, apply termiticides on your utensils to keep the termites away and your wooden items safe!

2. Keep All Rooms Tidy! 

Insects and pests thrive in dirty environments so be sure to avoid any clutter in a room to prevent insect infestation which is highly likely during the monsoon season. Have your maid clean each part of the house regularly so that there is no area that may serve as ground zero for a bug infestation and do clean out your closet regularly to prevent any bugs like carpet beetles from eating your clothes! (Lazy/untidy people, this is your wake-up call!)

3. Shut off openings in your home’s base, exterior walls, and fascia boards

Any opening in your walls and/or window frames is an open invitation for insects who will get in even through the tiniest of openings. Inspect your whole house and keep an eye out for any openings which can allow bugs to crawl or fly in and then stuff those holes properly! Cracks in the walls should also be filled so that no pests that carry diseases with them come in your home.

4. Barricade Around All Doors

Doors are one of the main areas where bugs and insects can get in your home because they don’t have tight fitting entrances and often have a little gap between their frame and the floor which serves as a gateway for these pests. Invest in some good door sweeps that will fit in the bottom of the door and also get door seals to put around the door and on top of them!

5. Plant (or buy) this miracle plant; Tulsi

Tulsi ( or Holy Basil/Tulasi) is a natural pesticide that keeps insects and mosquitoes away and also does you a favor by killing mosquito larvae so if you have a small garden then do plant Tulsi to keep mosquitoes, which have increased greatly in number because of the monsoon season in Pakistan, as far away from your home as possible. If you’re not the “gardening” type then go buy this plant from the local bazaar and put it in a pot inside your home. Decorate the pot with elegant designs so that it blends in with your home decor, too!