The obesity rate in the world has been rapidly rising. More & more people are moving towards processed, frozen, and fast foods. People are busier than they were before, and they are opting for quick and easy ways to fulfill their daily food intake, which makes us realize, is there anything

This makes us question if there is anything we can do to control & minimize the astonishing number we see on our weighing scale!

Surely there are plenty of lifestyle changes that need to be adopted if we really want those inches to decrease, that scale to hit the optimum weight and that wardrobe to still be precious.

1. Healthy breakfast


Yes, all those flowery quotes about breakfast being the king and the most important meal of the day are true! Make sure to have a good and healthy breakfast first thing in the morning. This will not only kick start your day with great energy but will also keep you full during the day, leaving no room for random munching. Preferably have whole foods, fruits, and protein during breakfast.

2. Increase your water intake

First thing in the morning, drink at least 2 glasses of water. Keep a big bottle in school or workplace so that you can sip all day. It is essential for your body to have an adequate amount of water so that it does not retain fat. If it becomes hard for you to drink 8 to 9 glasses of plain water, try infusing your water with mint or fruits. This will give you the same benefit with a touch of sweetness and minty taste.

3. Replace junk food with healthier options

Packeted products are very high in saturated fat, especially biscuits, chips, marshmallows, candies, and other such junk foods. Try avoiding junk food for at least few months and instead, opt for more healthier snacking like dry fruits, carrots, cucumber, apples, bananas and other seasonal fruits. These healthier options will not only keep your stomach full but also suppress your craving for junk and fattening food.

4. Portion control

It is also important to understand that how much you want to eat and how much you need to eat are two different scenarios and you should carefully judge the latter one. Controlling and minimizing your portions can make a huge difference. Start with decreasing the portion of your refined carbs like white bread, rice, pasta.

You can also increase the individual meals but decrease their quantity. so for example, if you were eating three heavy meals before, you can now switch to six light meals with 2 to 3 hours of intervals in between.

5. Keep on your feet

Movement is extremely important if you want to lose a good amount of weight. I know it sounds like too much work but its only good for your health and body and will give lasting long-term results. So, walk, run, jog, swim, do whatever you enjoy, but make sure you move your body!

6. Say no to midnight snacking

The worse thing you can to your body is feeding it the wrong things at the wrong time. Your last meal needs to be dinner latest by 8 or 8;30 pm! after that do not eat anything, because if you start consuming cookies, chocolate, and french fries late at night, you will keep that fat in your body while you sleep and it will become hard for you to get rid of it since there will be not much body movement.

All in all, your body and its health should mean the world to you. Take good care of it by cleaning it from the inside; feeding it healthy, organic, and fresh produce & love yourself no matter what!