Yoga is an art, which helps nourish the soul, body, and mind. It helps with flexibility, strength, stress, weight loss, toning, balancing and focus. Additionally, yoga promotes peaceful mind, good body posture, and adequate blood flow. Some easy-to-do yoga poses will get you started with the goals you have in mind for a healthy and balanced summer body.

Cat Cow Pose


The cat-cow pose is particularly helpful for spine, neck and back problems. It also helps relieve periods pain.


Child pose



The child pose is particularly beneficial for hips, thighs and lower body abdomen. Working the stretches, this pose helps release stress at the same time.

Bridge pose


BRIDGE POSE// A great pose for office workers, students and those who need a general mood lift. A special tip for beginners: Once the shoulders are rolled under, don’t pull them forcefully away from your ears, which tends to overstretch the neck. Lift the tops of the shoulders slightly toward the ears and push the inner shoulder blades away from the spine. Benefits: Stretches the chest, neck, and spine Calms the brain and helps alleviate stress and mild #depression Stimulates abdominal organs, lungs, and thyroid Rejuvenates tired legs Improves #digestion Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause Relieves menstrual discomfort when done supported Reduces #anxiety, fatigue, backache, headache, and insomnia Therapeutic for #asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and sinusitis #bridgepose #yoga

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The bridge pose helps strengthens the spine, buttocks and back muscles.

Triangle pose


TRIANGLE ❤️ Hello loves! It’s so lovely seeing all the beautiful dancers and twisty yogis in the gallery! If you haven’t already, go and show some love to your fellow yogis❣️ Today we have #trianglepose, I’m showing a few variations, please do as you feel comfortable and smile! Please check out the beautiful Julia for how she presents today’s pose! I’m okayish in regular triangle but if you ask me to fold over one leg, we’ll, only one leg cooperates as you can see in my ‘bad’ photos 😂 Day 3 of #TheGoodTheBadTheYogi ❤️ Hosts ❤️ @juliaruff_yogaingeverywhere @faithfoxmama ❤️Sponsors❤️ : a yogi tank! (I’m wearing one in this photo!) @juliaruff_yogaingeverywhere : a personalised Skype Yoga lesson! @faithfoxdesigns : a hand painted tank! ❤️ remember to repost the original flyer, have your account public so that we can see you, use our hashtag #thegoodthebadtheyogi , be following all hosts and sponsors , and mention hosts and sponsors in your photo captions to be eligible for some extra love at the end of the challenge! Also please take time to share some love with the other participants!! ❤️ #yogalife #yoga

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The triangle pose may look tough…and even though it might take you days to get the correct positioning, it’s great for one’s overall body. This looks-hard-to-do posture strengthens our back, abdominal, legs, arms, and ankles.


Warrior pose


✨Day 8 of #WomenYogaTribe challenge and the pose is #WarriorPose ✨I chose #warrior2 as this is an asana commemorating the exploits of a mythical warrior. This pose helps strengthen your shoulders, arms, legs, ankles and back. It also opens yours hips, chest and lungs and improves focus, balance and stability. This pose is still quite difficult for me, as I had an injured knee and a surgery, however being able to hold it for longer each time makes me stronger both mentally and physically🙏🏼✨Lovely hosts @stardivakhushi @mylittleyogi @carolineanne92 and @carreyia 🙏🏼 Sponsors @dharmabumsactive @mayanyogatribe @bunniesandzen_yoga_accessories @bohemian_island @yoga_democracy @gypsyarts @heal_meow @malamalamajewelry @liforme @yogapaws and @yogisurprise 🙏🏼 #yoga #yogi #yogini #yogiinthecity #yogachallenge #women #igyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #yogalife #yogalondon #yogagirl #healthyliving #fit #fitness #fitgirl #yogajourney #vsco #nature #happiness #goddess #beagoddess #healthylifestyle #lithuaniangirl #wcw #mindfulness #namaste

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The warrior pose, as mentioned by @yogainthecity helps to strengthen shoulders, arms, legs, ankles, and back.

Cobra Pose


The easy looking cobra pose is great for menstrual cramps, and lower back pain. It helps strengthen the arms and chest.

 Downward facing dog pose

The downward facing dog pose is particularly beneficial for balancing and strengthening hands, wrist, legs, and calves.

Tree pose



The tree pose, in particular, strengthens one’s feet, ankles, thighs, torso, and shoulders.

Yoga is great for increasing flexibility, releasing stress, and building balance, focus, and strength in one’s overall body. Get started with these 8 yoga poses for better daily health.