Whenever you are traveling, one of the issues you might face is the non-availability of Halal restaurants in that country ( Unless it’s the Middle East) Even if you can’t find any halal restaurants,you can always have some delicious seafood like fresh crab in Sri Lanka or Prawn Curry in the Maldives but if you aren’t a die-hard fan of seafood like me then here are some places you can eat and enjoy without having to worry about Halal meats. These places have been tried and tested by me so you have no need to worry!

1.Male, Maldives


Pristine blue waters and white sandy beaches are what Paradise on Earth looks like.Maldives is a dream vacation spot for many people because this place offers such a rich cultural, historical and gastronomical experience which no one should miss if they get a chance to visit this hot spot. Maldives is a Muslim Country but good halal food is still a rarity. Restaurants worth a visit are the Belle Amie Bistro, Symphony, and Pizzamia. Bell Amie serves excellent Indian Cuisine and their Prawn Masala made by Chef Satish Kumar is heavenly!

2.Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is a multicultural city so you can find a variety of cuisines there but for Muslim tourists visiting Colombo for the first time, it can be a little difficult finding good halal restaurants. You should also try the Orange Coconut there and the crabs the stalls sell near the beach for Rs.80! Some Restaurants that are worth visiting are The Mango Tree, Alhamra and Hazari’s! Hazari’s has authentic Lebanese dishes and Alhamra serves Spanish food as well as Indian! The Mango Tree has amazing curries and their service is excellent and they serve some of the best naans in Colombo!

3.Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The moment you step foot in the Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong, you are immersed in Chinese Culture and surrounded by thousands of years of history and culture ( you will love every second) The list of attractions in Hong Kong are endless but some attractions that top the list include Disneyland, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Elements Mall, Man Ma Temple, Temple of 1000 Buddhas and the beautiful Victoria Harbour. The food is both the cheapest and the most expensive you can find in Asia. Street food is a must but you might have a little trouble finding halal restaurants since it’s a big city. Some restaurants that you’ll regret not going to are Ebeneezers Kebabs and Pizzeria which has Indian dishes as well, Istanbul Express and RangMahal which also serves Indian food.

4.Madrid, Spain


Madrid is a peaceful and relaxing city where you can wander the streets for hours and not get tired, where you can take a stroll in the Plaza Mayor and admire the sunset and where you can spend a buttload of money on Shopping and Entertainment and not feel the slightest bit of guilt.Restaurants that you would like include Al Mounia which serves Moroccan food like tagines, Tandoori Hut which serves Pakistani food and Ankara Doner Kebab Restaurant which serves Turkish food.These places are a must if you’re tired of eating seafood or Margherita pizzas.

Traveling to a new country is an exhilarating experience but at the same time it can be really stressful so if you’re traveling to these cities anytime soon then this is the ultimate eating guide for you! Bon Voyage!