eyes of a girl

Eyes have always been the center of importance in the different cultures. Somewhere they are considered as the windows of the soul and someone believes their color has to say a lot about the personality of a person.

Your health, your nature, and your intentions everything can be deduced through your them. People even go as far as claiming that one can tell by looking into your eyes if you are lying or telling the truth.

When they are this much of importance, shouldn’t you take good care of them?

Here are some amazing, budget-friendly and spot-on tips that anyone can easily try to keep their eyes healthy.

Sliced cucumber

Freeze tea bags (not the used ones though) or cucumber slices. Put them on your eyes only for 15 to 20 minutes. They help in reducing swelling (if there’s any) and puffiness.

Water spilling out of the glass

We are not telling you to drink more water (A lie, we are actually) because that you already know. You keep hearing to the wonders water can do.

Sprinkling salt

Do you know fluid retention is one of the reasons for the puffiness around your eyes? Sodium can cause retention of fluid so you need to cut on the salt consumption. Get the point?

Sleeping baby

we won’t focus on how important a good night sleep is because duh! Who doesn’t know? (A lie again, we just emphasized that you take 8 hours sleep).

opened and closed eyes with makeup

Don’t sleep with makeup on. It can irritate your eyes badly and create wrinkles who want that?

See how much we care about you. We told some of the best tips to take care of your eyes. Nah! Not a problem you’re welcome!

This is not the only part of the body that needs care, read how to take care of your scalp.

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