Figaro Grill & Bambou- The New Kids on The Block!


Karachi is home to hundreds of restaurants that many of us have gotten used to. Even those Pan Asian Restaurants have become a thing of the past now and we are constantly searching for something new, something fresh, something different. 

During the last few months, Karachi has welcomed 2 new restaurants that are located right next to each other and are serving 2 completely different cuisines!

figaro grill
firgaro grill Karachi

Figaro Grill Karachi is serving Authentic Lebanese Food and is offering the best Fine Dining Experience in town. When I heard about it, it seemed almost too good to be true so I went to check it out for myself when I was invited for their official tasting! The interior was beautiful and it felt like a good place to dine. I had the Steak with Mashed Potatoes first then moved

Why Figaro Grill?

I had the Steak with Mashed Potatoes first then moved on to the Sharing Lebanese Platter. The Steak was perfectly cooked but the mashed potatoes were a bit of a letdown because they tasted like baby food.Nonetheless, I enjoyed the Steak and then started with the platter. It is priced at Rs.1125 and is enough for 2-3 people. It had a variety of meats on it served with airy Pita bread and I enjoyed most of the items on this platter. It’s a good alternative if you don’t get a seat at other Lebanese restaurants.

Bam-Bou is another addition to the Chinese restaurants’ list and it is definitely worth a try! It is located in SMCHS near Figaro Grill and it is definitely not your typical Chinese Restaurant. It’s a well-lit place that screams of Chinese culture and it has some really good dishes.

From the Soups, their Chicken Corn Soup (Had to include this) and Hot and Sour Soup are the clear winners for me. They were perfectly balanced in terms of flavor and were slightly better than all those other soups! For the Main Course, I opted for the Chicken in Garlic Sauce, hesitating to try such a dish because I am not fond of Garlic and Oyster Sauces. To my surprise, this was really good! The garlicky smell and taste made me salivate and I helped myself to quite a large serving (What even is weight loss at this point?)

The Hot and Spicy Beef was also incredibly tender and had the right amount of kick to it which I would definitely have again if I ever visited this place again!

All in all, I would have to reserve my review until next year so that both these places have enough time to improve and perfect the existing dishes! Both of them are worth at least one visit so do take the time out to check these places!