Goto Stress Busters You Need In Life RN!


Are you having a stressful day?

If you are a mother, a student, an employee or even someone who likes to sleep all day, life can get pretty stressful with multitasking responsibilities. Juggling work, education, a personal life and the traffic of Karachi are more than enough things to stress you out. But all is not lost, when you have options to escape stress, even if it’s just for a while.

There are a couple of things one can do to handle a stressful day or even a stressful week. Start with knowing that your mind doesn’t control you, you control your mind.


Meditation calms and relaxes your mind, thoughts, and body. Deep breathing while meditating can have a very pleasant effect on your brain. Even if you can spare 10 to 15 minutes meditating each day, you will surely feel the difference when those stress levels hit rock bottom. While relaxing your rushing thoughts it reciprocally reduces anxiety and increases attention span.

Walk it off

Spending 8 hours in an office chair or school desk can be very tiring. May be during tea breaks one can stroll in the hallway or get some fresh air while going for a nice 5 to 10-minute walk. This will not only freshen up your mind from all the previous headaches but help you focus on your day ahead.

Read and write

I know additional reading and writing sounds like, Hello more work?! but sometimes it can help release stress when you do freehand writing or read your favorite novel/column.

Sweat it 

Running and letting the stress slip out of your body in the form of sweat can be a great option for both maintaining physical and mental health.

Relaxing massage

Massages are a great way to forget and heal all stocked up stress. Once a month treat yourself to a nice massage and chill with a warm cup of tea after the relaxing therapy.

Shopping spree

Don’t waste too much of that hard earned money, but once in a while treat yourself with some Mall and shopping time.

Steamy bath

A nice relaxing and soothing bath can help revitalize your mind and body. Throw in some yummy smelling bath bombs or even go for a bubble bath, if that’s what helps you release a full work day stress.

 Positive Vibes

It is not always easy to find good friends, but if you are blessed with positive family members and friends around you then don’t take this blessing for granted. Talk and rant to people who are ready to not just hear you out but actually listen and pay attention to your heap of rants.

Recall golden memories

I love going back to my traveling adventures, favorite cousins wedding, and surprise birthday pictures. The moment of nostalgia can have a lasting and weird ease to it. If you had a great past with loads of fun moments, take the time to recall them, this will surely take your mind off stressful upcoming exams, quizzes and deadlines.

Binge on F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Watching sitcoms and comedy shows can help relax your mind and give you some good laughs. Entertainment is one of the best options to get over a hectic and stressful day. So maybe it’s music, movies, dancing, sports or binge watching sitcoms that work for you!

Hope you find these stress busters helpful, let us know if you have been unconsciously practicing some of these stress busters and how they work for you!