Going vegetarian is lately something that we have started hearing from a lot of people. For some, it’s an easy transition, and for few it becomes close to impossible.

Many fail in pursuing this diet, especially because there is no strong reasoning behind it. In short, you can’t just do this for kicks!

Keep it Simple:

Here are few simple steps to make your ‘turning into vegetarian’ transition easy:

STEP 1: Understand the why!

Sit back and think why you want to do this? How important this is to you? You need to understand the depth behind this decision.

STEP 2: Learn lots and lots of vegetarian recipes!

Go online and look for vegetarian recipes! You can find them on Pinterest , Vegetarian Times and Jamie Oliver sites. And for eating out, look for places that serves vegetarian dishes and then later try them out.

STEP 3: One step at a time!

Break down your plan into days, then into weeks and then months. Start small, pick one day in a week to not to consume meat, then slowly turn that into 3 days and keep building on it.

STEP 4: Know your protein!

List down all the greens, beans, grains, nuts, soy and similar to find adequate protein. Make a meal plan and then follow it through. One of the most important step! Throughout your vegetarian life, you will be asked about this.

This might help to get you started:

Top Meatless Protein Sources
Source: Darebee

STEP 5: Inform your family & friends!

Vegetarians are usually pressured most by their friends and families, it is therefore better to involve them from the beginning. Inform them about your decision and reason of why you are opting for this lifestyle change but try not to sound preachy! You will just help them understand that you are not compromising your health and that you have thought this through.

Note: Four stages a person goes through when they hear a loved one has turned into a vegetarian (goes in loop): Shock, Denial, Acceptance, Jokes!

Life of a vegetarian is becoming somewhat a little easier now, just because of the awareness! There are chances of finding people in your circle who are either planning to become one or they follow semi-vegetarianism diet plan.

The whole idea is that it’s a choice, if its not working out for you now, then you can always go back to what you were following before. You need to be happy in your decisions, and pursue what you feel comfortable with.