How to gain healthy weight


Do you ever feel as if your underweight problems are much alienated because the world only talks about weight loss? Have you been teased by name calling such as the toothpick, yardstick, coathanger, and beanpole?

Well, the good news is that a healthy weight gain regime with certain food items can help you achieve the right amount of weight for that gorgeous body of yours. Because being underweight is as unhealthy as being overweight!

Milkshake, smoothie, and yogurt

They are delicious, they are creamy, they are full of healthy ingredients and they are ….. *drum roll* Milkshakes and smoothies!!! Yes, we all love a nice chilled glass of mango, banana, or dark chocolate milkshake. This is one of the most recommended and easiest way to gain weight. Don’t ruin your natural fruit shake/milkshake by adding preservatives like sugar, syrup or whipped cream.

Yogurt added with slices of fruits, nuts, oats, and seeds can also be a great alternative to packeted snack foods.

Dates and Figs

Dates and figs are again on the topmost recommended food items for weight gain. They are naturally sweet and can keep you full for a longer time. Figs are high in fiber. They contain important minerals like magnesium, potassium, and manganese. Dates are full of vitamins and minerals too. They are one of the richest sources of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus; containing almost all B complex vitamins.
Bread and Butter

Whole-grain bread is another healthy carb good for weight gain. You can consume them with each meal, either with meat, cheese, egg or butter; or simply have them separately. They taste the best with hot served soup.

Oatmeal and dried fruit

Grain-based cereals and oatmeal are good choices of healthy carbs. They have the right amount of nutritional value and calories to make you gain healthy weight without bloating you for the day. Granola, oats, and multi-grains are the healthier options in cereals so try sticking to them

Dried-fruits are high in sugar content, because of which they fall in high-calorie snacks. However, they are beneficial because of their antioxidant and micronutrition properties.

Cheese and potatoes

These are no doubt the favorite sources of fat; potatoes come in both good and bad carb form so opt for boiled sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes with some butter and pepper on top to spice it up.

Cheese is a good source of protein. You can add organic cheese to your meals for extra calories.

Meat and more

Include all kinds of meat in your diet. Whether it be red meat or lean meat. Both are great sources of protein. Red meat usually has more fat, which can help you with those extra calories.

Remember weight gain regime does not necessarily have to comply with only food items, certain exercises help you grow more muscle and mass. But if nutrition is where you lack, these 6 food items can work wonders for gaining the required fat.

People around you might not take your weight gain journey seriously but that should not stop you from reaching your target healthy weight!