Karachi festival 2017 “where women supported women”!


What a joy it was to see women entrepreneurs measuring their success from the smiles on their customer’s faces. Ever realize what we need in Karachi? For starters, Women helping and promoting one another, men supporting women, karachites escaping the scorching heat by gulping waffle ice cream, brownies, khouswey, and other delicious goodies. Spending Eidi on new clothes, jewelry, décor and skin care products! Karachi Festival 2017 was all about spending a great evening with friends and family.

Aanch Events did a fabulous job by organizing such a wonderful festival which was officially sponsored by HBL. This event was a pleasant experience for most of the vendors, participants, and buyers. But this event wasn’t put out up over night. Yes, I can take you directly to the coverage of the whole festival but it is important to appreciate the efforts put in by all associated members from the past several months.

With daily social media countdowns, accommodating hundreds of people; the management deserves a lot of credit for putting together an eight-hour show at the Saffron Banquet. The event was primarily for the purpose of supporting and celebrating the efforts of home based businesses, new entrepreneurs, and ventures.

Event highlights

When I first began to explore the DIY crafts in this event I was amazed to see the 10-year-old girl Bisma, from Bismacreativity shining her way through her beautiful handmade decors and jewelry. Speaking exclusively to Lifestyle Gupshup she said “my aunt persuaded me to showcase my talent to the world, she helped me with the stall set ups and because of these events I started making more things than before. I started the DIY decorations and accessories journey when I was 8 years old”.

The Akhuwat team was also seen there, their initiative red wings, help underprivileged women who stitch comforters, napkins, and accessories on daily basis. Such platforms give a great voice to these people and save them from the middleman’s dreadful commission! “We have to keep a track of household chores while stitching at the same time so that gets tiring but we love what we do”, says one of the stitching expert.

Interesting question, how would most of the people reach the event on a Saturday afternoon? well, Paxi, The Pink Taxi was there to solve this problem. ” In Pakistan, every woman has at least once been through road harassment and to tackle this issue we thought Paxi was a good idea”.

Special mentions

The most beautiful and creative DIY decoration sets for all age groups were found at Twinkling Treasure. “We try to provide clients with the best things within their budgets, customer satisfaction is very important to us”.

When the hall was shining under KESC’s electricity you wondered where the electrified beam was coming from, yes, it was Fireflylamps attracting the audience through their unique set up of bottled lamps. “The basic idea is to make something good out of something bad, and these lamps can be used in bathrooms, side tables anywhere”.

When I got really hungry, I opted for some sugar delights to increase my energy ( not metabolism) and SmittenbyB had the most delicious cupcakes and brownies to offer! Sure did give the energy I was looking for. “This is our first big event and we hope such events keep happening”.

They looked and smelled incredible, sadly they were not edible, Herbalicious handmade soaps, scrubs, and lotions were drool-worthy. “What keeps me going is the smile and satisfactory feedback from my customers”.

Illumination Organics had a great skin care product line, which was carefully formulated to suit every skin type. ” There are so many great healing properties in these natural ingredients”, says the owner.

We need more of such events

It was a wonderful experience to be part of this whole event, Lifestyle Gupshup being the official digital website marketing partner, was greeted well by all the entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur out there knew exactly what they were doing, all of them were educated in their expertise and tried helping each other out.

We need more of such events because families need something to do on the weekends in Karachi, talented entrepreneurs need showcasing opportunities, and we need more women supporting one another!