Pixar’s new short film Kitbull has left the world in tears, as it showcases an innocent friendship between a kitten and a Pit Bull. Pit Bull’s are undoubtedly the most misunderstood breed, largely stigmatized for being aggressive. This reputation also comes from the fact that Pit Bulls are the most widely used breed in dog fighting; they are often bred and raised to be thrown into the pits of hell against other dogs, fighting to stay alive.

Source: Laughing Squid

Over the years, many of us animal lovers have tried to take down this myth and explain to the world that a dog, much like a child, will act the way it has been raised to. Now Pixar seems to have taken it upon itself to knock some sense into the world with its 7-min video that will fill you with a sadness hard to shrug off.

The story starts with a small, big-eyed kitten who manages to find its way into a cardboard box outside the house of the abused pit bull’s cold-hearted owner. As expected, the kitten is very shy and defensive at first, unwilling to get close to the pit bull.

Source: Paste Magazine

However, the kitten comes around once the dog saves it from a tricky situation. Eventually, the kitten learns to trust and then begins its unlikely kinship with the pit bull.

Source: Fatherly

As a Pakistani whose Facebook newsfeed is flooded with pictures and videos of poisoned dogs all over Karachi, this video hit home. As a nation, we see dogs as a nuisance even though they ask for nothing but a little bit of food and a little bit of petting. But clearly, we have forgotten how to co-exist. We have countries, not so far away, such as Turkey, setting examples of how stray animals need to be treated. Neutering and spaying have become common procedures yet we resort to poisoning. For those who may be unaware, poison kills a dog slowly and ruthlessly. Yet we do nothing to raise our voices for those who have none.

Hopefully, Kitbull will ignite in us the fire we need, to stand up against the mistreatment of stray animals in Pakistan. Hopefully, our government will come across this masterpiece and allow it to soften their hearts and to teach them how to act human, cause they have so clearly forgotten.

Watch the Full ‘Kitbull’ Video Here