a collage of dog paws and a dog

After a play date with your pup, you may want to take a look at its paws. They can get really dry in winters.

It is hurtful and hard to take care of because you just can’t make your dog sit until it heals. So what to do?

a dog lying lazily with his paws infront

You can make them wear dog booties but only if it stays. Dog booties keep on falling and they are not even easily available.

brown color dog wearing booties

So what is the other option? You should apply paw balm. The next question where do you get it from?

The answer is easy, make it at home. Preparing a paw balm is not difficult and it is really effective.

The plus point is that you can be really sure of the ingredients you are using. If your pet is allergic to anything you can avoid that in particular and use a substitute of it.

Let’s have a look at the things you’ll need.


coconut oil in a container

½ cup natural beeswax

¼ cup coconut oil

¼ cup olive oil

2 tbsp shea butter

10 drops vitamin E

Now let’s see how to prepare it.


Take a pot and fill it one-third full with water.

Heat it to medium-low.

Set a large size mason jar inside the pot.

Put the beeswax in the mason jar and heat.

Keep stirring it often until it’s melted.

Add both the oils and shea butter.

a closeup of a paw

Heat it until melted, stirring often.

Remove the pot from heat.

Add vitamin E in the mixture and stir.

Store it in the smaller jars.

Let it sit for almost an hour so it hardens.

Here, you have the yummy smelling solution for your pooch’s paws. It won’t even try to lick it off.

paw balm container opened

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