How To Make Lanterns: DIY


Things you need:

5 to 6 balloons



Twine, hemp or cotton yarn

White glue

½ cup cornstarch


¼ cup warm water

Petroleum jelly

Clear spray paint

Twinkle lights

Twinkle lights

Steps to make

Blow up balloons to the desired size of the lanterns.

Mix glue, cornstarch and warm water in a container until no lump is left.

Balloon covered in petroleum jelly

Cover balloons in petroleum jelly.

Put the twine, hemp or cotton yarn (whichever you are using) in a glue mixture until it is fully covered.

Start draping it around the balloon.

Wrapping twine over the balloon

Drape each balloon vertically and then horizontally. Not too tight, not too loose.

Let it dry.

Once dry, pop the balloons.

Apply clear spray paint on the lanterns.

Let it dry and then insert the twinkle lights.


You can also attach lights on the outside if you don’t want to insert them.

Lanterns hanging

That’s it! You can now show them off…

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