We have listed down some easy hacks that can make your life easy:

If you are irritated by the idea of cutting onions and get all teary eyed we have a solution for you. Put onions in the freezer 15 minutes before cutting up you won’t tear up.

If you have added too much salt in your soup or curry just peel a potato and cut it into slices. Add those potato slices into the soup or curry. Starch will soak up the extra salt. Remove the slices before eating.

If you want to cook rice correctly add a teaspoon of lemon juice into the boiling water. You’ll get the fluffier white rice just make sure to add lemon juice before outing rice into the pot.

Mint leaves in your kitchen are a cure for your headache. Whenever you are having a headache just chew a mint leaf you’ll feel a lot better. It also reduces stress level.

If you want to eat bell pepper raw, flip it over and if it has 4 bumps eat it. Three bumps bell peppers are sweeter than the four bumps bell peppers which are good for cooking.

Try these out and thank us later.