Following the countless teasers on social media, NESCAFÉ Basement is finally back with a new season for 2019 and boy, are you in for a treat!

Season 5 is set out to feature 73 talented, young artists and will showcase a fusion of classical, traditional and rare instruments. The opening episode alone gathered 3.3 million views on YouTube and actually woke us up to how the new season is going to blow our minds.

The season exceeded expectations when it released its cover of Haroon Rashid’s “Mehbooba”. NESCAFÉ Basement proved that it is possible to cover a classic without butchering it.

They managed to stay true to the original, whilst adding their own contemporary and modern twist to the song which did not seem like it was out of place. The voices of the young vocalists definitely give you the chills and you will find yourself falling in love with the rendition. The instrumental part of the song, the bridge, will make you tap your feet and clap your hands along to the beat. It is hypnotizing.

It also showcases the talent of each musician and you will be in awe of Haroon Leo: one moment he is playing the djembe and before you know it, he has already switched to playing the rubab in the next. WOW! 

The show also features a lot of relatively young artists who are slowly becoming fan favourites. Sinaan, will make you question what you’re doing with your life at 24 because he’s a pro at the drums already and he’s only 13! Then there’s 8 year old, Hadia, who has a voice that is well-beyond her years. The control that she has over her voice has us shook!

She features in the song “Bol Hu”, an original by Soch the Band, who are veterans of the show.

An epic job is being done by the producer, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi. The response to NESCAFÉ Basement’s tracks has been nothing but positive.

We can’t wait to see what more they have in store for us? Coke Studio what? Let us know what you think.