Love knows no reason, no boundaries and no distance. It is a force so powerful that it can be felt across borders. It is an unspoken language, a declaration of devotion and the formation of unbreakable bonds between people. Love is the defiance of space and time for every memory is etched into the hearts of those who are lucky enough to have it. Neha Rehman, a Pakistani woman, is currently in a long-distance relationship with her husband. She decided to show him, how much he meant to her and how far her love could extend, in an extraordinary manner.

All those currently in a long-distance relationship can relate to how difficult it can be to keep the romance alive when being physically present is not an option. The effort one has to put in is immense. So, to keep the fire ablaze and to celebrate her loving husband’s birthday, Neha, surprised him with love notes that defied the elements. She managed to get them:

Across borders (Land)




Cape Town




In the clouds (Air):

In the ocean (Water):