Shadows of a family

Parents should try to normalize the conversations about sex. They should make sure that their children trust them with every sort of problem and can talk to them openly. It is very important that kids share their problems at home rather than hiding them.

You need to tell your kids what’s right and what’s wrong according to your family, culture or religion.

If you choose to stay mum about sex in the early developmental years of your children you might lose the control over their thought process related to sex.

Imagine your children learning all about this taboo topic from schoolmates. They also are the children of the same age and they might tell what they have grasped about it. Can you trust this information?

Imagine your children being taught about it at school. The teacher who would be assigned this responsibility may have a totally different approach towards sex than you. Can you trust the school for that matter?

The answer is a simple no. so why not do it yourself?

Honest and open communication with your kids at an early age makes you a cool parent who could be trusted and talked to.

There is a natural curiosity about one’s own body. Only proper sex education can help your children to learn about their bodies.

If you start early you can open an easy conversation about mothers and babies because kids at a younger age are more interested in babies than the mechanics.

Apple placed on a stack of books with signs of sex signs

Gradually progress in the conversation and educate them about sex before they get to know about it with all kinds of wrong experiences.

This pattern of communication would be really beneficial once your kid reaches adolescence. They will share other adolescence issues they may face for example drug abuse and depression which are common at this age.

It will also save you the awkwardness of giving one big talk in their teenage. This would be too late anyway.

If you choose to be the basic source of sex information to your children you also have an edge to instill your family values in their minds.

You can teach them about do’s and don’ts regarding your family values. If you have never mentioned it once; your teenage kid may not comply with it.

In most of the cases school in this part of the world are not educating pupils about sex so the authentic education of sex is out of question if parents are not doing it themselves.

Friends may provide them with incomplete information just take a moment out and think about all the repercussions it may have on their future.

Starting early on doesn’t assure a conversation that is easy and not awkward. You will have your own problems but it will be a lot safer for your children than just let them get every right and wrong piece of knowledge from everywhere.

Also when your children are well equipped already they will know what information is correct and what part needs to be discarded.

So all the parents out there go ahead make a plan and sit with your children. It’s high time to have some roundtable conferences at home.

It is also very important to start communicating with your kids.

This article was originally published in aboutkidshealth.