Rowtisserie- Heaven for a Pakistani Foodie.


Rowtisserie has been my favorite place for lunch and dinner (haven’t tried their breakfast yet) because they have been consistent in their quality, quantity, and service for as long as I can remember. The dishes are reasonably priced and the serving size is quite filling which is why you’ll find me devouring that Flame Grilled Chicken there almost every other week.

I visited Rowtisserie twice in one day a few days back (Wanted to go again but there’s only so much I can eat) and I tried a lot of things! Here’s what I had for a very reasonable price:-

1. Rower Meal II


This platter had 2 humongous Flame Grilled Chicken pieces slathered in their signature sauce, 4 Pita Slices, 2 sides which were the Potato Gratin (Could eat a bowl of it) and their Rice which was aromatic and different than the regular old bowl of rice, and 2 drinks! We also got a side of Garlic Sauce and their Signature Sauce which was a great addition to the deal.

The Chicken was succulent and the sauces were a perfect accompaniment. The Potato Gratin is my favorite so no complaint there! All in all, this deal costs Rs.1300 for 2 people which is the cheapest deal you’ll find in Karachi right now! Definitely going back for more soon.

2. Fettucine Alfredo

Their Fettucine Alfredo is like any other Fettucine dish being served in almost EVERY restaurant in town. Even though it wasn’t bad, someone really needs to break the monotony and get creative with some Fettucine! This one was something I’d have again if the waiter told me that they’d run out of the Flame Grilled Chicken because it is not the first dish that would catch my eye. It was nicely cooked pasta with beautifully grilled Chicken and 2 pieces of toasty Garlic Bread.Perfect for all those who like to play it safe when going out.

3. Grilled Chicken Panini

This Grilled Chicken Panini was something I’d definitely have again. The Grilled Chicken was so juicy and tender and incredibly cheesy. It also had onions in it which were caramelized and it was served with roasted baby potatoes which seemed like a weird side to an otherwise perfect panini. They were a bit dry and tasteless so I didn’t finish it. Overall, a really good dish.

For Desserts, there wasn’t anything that looked appealing as I had no room for disappointment in my stomach so we decided to skip the sweet treats at Rowtisserie and headed over to HeyDay on the 2nd Floor of Dolmen Mall Clifton.

Rowtisserie will always be my go-to place because I love their quirky decor, excellent service, and the food. P.S I also got a free mug once they got to know I was a food blogger!(Dreams do come true)