We have hacks that can make your life so easy in the kitchen and they save time too.

We all know things can get a little sweaty and a lot messy in the kitchen. To avoid the hassle there are a lot of tricks.

We’ll be starting with the simplest one.

Lemons on the kitchen counter

Squeezing a lemon can be problematic but if you just microwave it for 15 seconds before squeezing it’ll take no time and effort to be squeezed.

If you are annoyed because cutting board keeps slipping while cutting, you need not worry.

Apple slices on a cut board with knife

We have a solution for it. Put a damp cloth under the cutting board and you’re good to go.

Sometimes after stirring curry spoon can be messy.

Sauce pan on the stove in the kitchen
Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

There is a way to make all the curry dribble in the pot. Put your spoon in the hole of a pot holder.

Concerned as how to check the freshness of an egg?

Eggs in the beakers with water

Well, it’s really easy to determine. Put an egg into a glass full of water and if it sinks its fresh. But if it keeps floating then it’s not fresh for sure.

You don’t have to through away your stale bread you can revive it.

Bread slices

Wrap your bread in a damp paper towel and put it in a microwave for ten seconds. TADA!

Husking a corn take so much time and then there is silk to battle with. What if we tell you a secret to husk it in one go and without any silk?

Tips to husk a corn
Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Microwave a corn for 4 long minutes and then cut off the bottom. Now you can just slide the husk and there will be no silk behind. Easy much isn’t it?

These are some of the easy ones. You should try them out and save your time in the kitchen.

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