The Not So Sindhi, Sindh Fair!


With extreme excitement after seeing the event page on Facebook, I decided to participate as an attendee at the Sindh Fair. Woke up the next day got dressed in a traditional Sindhi way and started an hour-long journey from my house to Karachi University.

The setup looked great, while parking my car, the level of excitement I held increased and I just couldn’t wait to go inside. I have always been very keen on learning about different cultures. Sindh is known for the richness it holds in its art, food, and shrines. While entering I saw asl few pictures hanging from the marquee, they were pictures of old buildings in Sindh and gave a brief description of what they are and why they were highlighted.

 After the photographs, I made my way to the stalls. Keeping in my I had taken cash out on my way to the fair because obviously no one there would accept a bank card. It was very disappointing for me to see that none of the stalls had anything to do with Sindh. There were stalls selling random jewelry and make-up products and second copies of branded lawn dresses.

I then made my way towards the food stall. I did expect to see Sindhi mithai and the street snacks which Sindh has to offer including my favorite thaadal. Instead, I saw the conventional ‘French fries’ and ‘Pakorey’.  and this made me question what happened to promote the Sindhi culture?!

After the immense disappointment, I made my way towards the stage. There were people sitting and giggling, one person had the mic and was talking in Sindhi. I couldn’t understand a word and thought to myself that what was the point of having to promote the Sindhi culture without people having to understand what they are saying.

One thing which I would like to add would be the effort made by students of Karachi University who were volunteering for the event and had to be there throughout during the scorching heat. Hats off to you guys and well-done for all the effort.

For future reference

Try adding stalls which have something to do with Sindh, for example to jewelry, bed sheets, Sindhi street food, a display of their rich shrine history, their famous mirror work and many more things which would remind or help inform the attendees what Sindh is all about.