Daily Pakistani rural women who are among the poorest population of the world add to the pollution cloud by kindling homemade stoves.
They are huddled over the fire for hours preparing meals. Not only are these women prone to respiratory illness but the emissions also affects young children who stay with their mothers.
It is harmful to them and for the environment. The biogas exposure is responsible for about 1.5 million early deaths per year. It has been a factor in global warming since ages.
The group of youngsters stood up against the sufferings of our rural women and children and came up with an amazing idea.
They designed an enclosed “smart stove”. It limits the smoke emissions and energy wastage.
Basically, it is a two in one product. It has a water jacket around it which absorbs the energy and boils water.
While it is being used for the cooking, water is also heated. That way the rural population will get double benefit out of a single product.
All of the members of this group belong to the rural areas of the country and they have seen their mothers, grandmothers suffering from various pulmonary diseases. It drives the inspiration for their innovation.
They also want to promote Pakistan for some positive reason and see it prosper. That gives them the motivation to innovate this stove locally rather than importing.
The group is struggling with the marketing of their product because it targets the population which is distant from the communication means.
But the hopes are high as they all are sticking to one quote, “don’t quit, nothing is impossible.”