The Indie Arts and Craft Show

Indi Arts & Crafts
Indie Arts & Craft Show

The fourth in a row, Indie Arts & Craft Show was held on the 16th of July, Sunday, at the Royal Rodale Club under The Crafter’s Guild. Over 70 participants from Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Dubai attended the event to showcase their various skills. This event assists 85 percent women-based enterprises.


The artwork includes paintings, illumination art, stationary, paper craft, home decor, fashion accessories and traditional art represented by small businesses expressing their awesomeness through art.


The show is home to hobbyists, independent artists, crafters and creative folk. They come from all over Pakistan to exhibit their best work and handmade products. One of the artists called Sana Khan, who is the co owner of Funparaz says that her handcrafted artworks are basically related to home decor and she enjoys creating things that will make your house look pretty. Being a huge fan of gardening, she started making accessories for her garden. She claims that none of the products she has made are available in the market. She focuses’ on three things, ‘affordability, uniqueness, and basically the practicality’ of each object.


Another crafter, Mariam Aslam Bawany, the owner of WonderStruck, tells us about her progress – she says she started off with cards, but soon upgraded to creating magnets and homemade key chains. She tells us that she started off this project spontaneously one day as she was bored. She came up with an idea of sculpting peoples hands; the person is first supposed to dip their hands in alginate to cast their hand, after a few minutes the mixture dries up and either Plaster of Paris or resin is added. After a weeks time, they paint the sculpture and deliver it to the customer’s place.


The event overall was a huge success and it was great to see the creative side of all these people; there was a lot of talent being displayed and was a great platform for people to showcase their artistic side. More over this platform provided young entrepreneurs a limelight to showcase the talent & potential Pakistan has.

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ – Albert Einstein