Those of us who are weight conscious or fitness freaks are familiar with the term “Cheat Day” because it’s the one day of the week when you can eat anything without checking the calorie count. Regular consumption of Salads and Boiled Chicken all week round tends to get boring and eventually you get frustrated with your monotonous routine and regret joining a boot camp. Being one of those people myself, there were many times when I was tempted to eat whatever junk food I could find in the fridge but I soon realized that the fruit of patience is very sweet and looking back, I’m glad that I only cheated on the designated day(s) and was proud of myself for resisting that urge.

So here are 3 Burgers you can have for your Cheat Meal without feeling guilty!

1. Hardee’s

Hardee’s, no doubt, has good burgers but some are so outrageously priced that people opt for cheaper options elsewhere. Luckily for me, I found this amazing Grilled Chicken Burger which was only for Rs.399! Succulent Chicken Patty which was perfectly grilled in between two soft buns(yum) Moreover there was a generous amount of sauce in it and the lettuce provided the perfect crunch! Next time you visit, be sure to try this heavenly burger out.

2. OhMyGrill

I have been craving for some good burgers for a very long time which is why I was over the moon when I got to try OhMyGrill’s burgers. I had the Classic American Burger and It was, honestly SOOO good. The patty was juicy and everything was perfectly proportioned. The buns were fresh and it was a really saucy burger. I was fully satisfied by this burger and the fact that it was only for Rs.330, hence Made my day.

3. Mcdonald’s

Mcdonald’s is always the safest option when you’re not feeling that adventurous and just want a nice juicy burger. What I like about Mcdonald’s more than their burgers are their fries! The burgers are really small in size and I’d need at least 2 to satisfy my hunger. Nonetheless, Mcdonald’s has some classic burgers including the delicious “Big” Mac. Their sesame buns are always fresh and the patty is nice and meaty. Cheating with Mcdonald’s seems like a good choice if you can’t think of any other burger joints.