Visiting Doha for the 3rd time in 10 years was absolutely amazing. Having lived there for 2 years, I found Doha to be completely different from what it was all those years ago. While exploring Doha and the new malls and restaurants, I stumbled upon some hidden gems in the city that were serving some of the most decadent and reasonably priced desserts!

Here’s a list of the top 4 Dessert Shops in Qatar’s Capital that you absolutely need to go to and then have a food coma afterward!



Tasmeem’s has the country’s best cupcakes so if you want to indulge in some sugary treats then head over to “The Mall” and go to Tasmeem’s cute little shop near Spinney’s and have their Pistachio or Red Velvet Cupcakes for 30-40 Riyals.

2.Dairy Queen 

Dairy Queen is located in the city’s centre and you wouldn’t want to miss their amazing ice creams because they are extremely creamy,flavorful and reasonably priced! There are so many flavors to choose from which is why you’ll be forced to come back again and again!


Applebee’s might not have the cheapest desserts you can have but they surely have some great options. If you’re sick of the usual chocolaty desserts then you should check out their dessert menu which has a variety of amazing desserts. One dessert you cannot miss is the Blondie which is Walnut Brownie topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and is drizzled with sizzling white sauce!

4.Krispy Kreme

Do I even need to say anything about this place? It’s just the best place ever to get your hands on some fattening donuts which are for only 5 Riyals!! Their flavors are so much better than the places that sell donuts here and it’s a great treat for your taste buds!