Old books in a library

Stuck at a job? Bored doing what you are doing? Feel crap about your work duties? Dream about having and library but never found the way to?

We have a story to tell. This story will make you believe that no job is boring you can do a lot with any job and literally at any job.

Books are love, books are life and these cleaners from Ankara, Turkey proved it to be true.

Their love for books cannot be questioned. The garbage collectors were not so happy to see so many books thrown in the dump.

So they came up with an amazing idea. They opened up a library solely comprised of the books that were dumped by the owners in the garbage.

We haven’t seen it but we can imagine what one might feel walking into that wonderful library.

These garbage collectors set some serious goals for every one of us who is not happy and blame boredom on the job.

So dude! It’s not about the job, it had never been. It’s about what you can do and how you plan to do.

The Turkish cleaners collected all the abandoned books before they reached landfills and place them in their own public library.

They have been collecting book for months and when locals heard about it they started donating books for the library as well.

There is yet another lesson for us that nothing comes immediately. You have to have patience. There is no point in grunting over the lesser scope and no better opportunities instead we should create opportunities for ourselves.

An old vacant brick factory with red bricks was transformed into the public library. It is situated at the sanitation department headquarters.

In the beginning, the library was not public. It was only for the employees of the sanitation department and their families.

But as the interest of readers grew the library allowed everyone to come and borrow books for two weeks.

Now the library has more than over 6000 books. It also has books in English and French.

This story tells us the real essence of life. The beauty of living is to give. These garbage collectors from Turkey are the modern day example of Benjamin Franklin.

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This article was originally published in ktla.com