Unbelievable Diet Rules


Before starting with the article, a little reminder: You should be healthy not thin.



You can skip breakfast because the timing doesn’t really matter when you are dieting.

In fact, eating an early breakfast may lead to more fat storage. No meal is important than the other.


Eating after the dark is not the cardinal sin of weight loss.

Just make sure that you never overeat.

Snacking is not a no-go area

It only depends on the number of calories you are consuming in a day.

It doesn’t matter how many times you eat. Only remember to keep a count of calories.

Types Of Food

Are Carbs Really Evil?

Forget it. Your body needs carbohydrates. If you cut them off completely from your diet you may experience severe health problems.

Eat more carbs on the days when you are active and less when you are sedentary.

Organic Food

It doesn’t promise a weight loss. Food is food, organic or not organic.

1000 calories of organic food and 1000 calories or inorganic food are exactly 1000 calories.

Too Much Protein Is Healthy

Well, there is nothing such as too much protein. You can have as many proteins as you like if you are healthy.

food high in protein,protein sources

There are no health problems from having a lot of protein. In fact more protein you take more calories you burn.


Fasting Helps

If you do it correctly, fasting can actually help maintaining your metabolism.

It can keep you fit and healthy but you need to learn a difference between starving yourself and fasting.

Everyone should take care of themselves because health is wealth.

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