Wall painting is a repetitive and exhausting process. Many of us deny the need of a fresh coat on our walls only because of the trouble that comes with it.

Painting makes it impossible for us to stick to our schedules and the house is a mess. During a paint job, there is no privacy left even at your home with painters roaming the house.

It literally paralyzes the residents and the process is hazardous which calls for automation but somehow this industry has managed to escape the technological advances.

Not anymore, young engineers from Pakistan has decided to end this ordeal and designed a painting robot.

Fayyaz Farooq, the mechanical engineer came with the idea and Yusra Kaleem along with Wajahat Hussain Khan, both telecom engineers joined Farooq.

The trio named it a mobile painter. It is basically a portable robot that can automatically paint walls. It can be instructed through a smartphone.

It uses spray paint technology that also saves the trouble of paint spill and messing the floor and furniture. The idea has already been rolled out and these types of robots are available globally but the concept is still alien to Pakistan.

The brilliant thing about this robotic painter is that you can take a picture of the wall you want to paint and insert it into the mobile painter.

This genius robot allows us to turn our walls into amazing art pieces. If you want a picture or any other artwork on the wall, just insert a picture in the machine. Its nozzle would change from a painting one to the printing one. And it will print the design on the wall.  So, technically mobile painter can also work as the mobile wall printer.

This painting robot would be a cost-cutting innovation. The cost of labor would be saved and on the other hand, it would also increase the effectiveness of labor.

A single painter can only paint a house in minimum two weeks but with this technological advancement labor can be trained and paint a house within a day.

All hail to these three smart young entrepreneurs of our country because of whom all the hassle of painting would be eased.

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