It is so hot that it has become almost impossible to think about surviving without an air conditioner. But have you ever thought about the water that runs from air conditioner?

No? Well, let’s think about it now. Air conditioners condensate water that most of the times run off and drip onto the ground. How about conserving it?

Water harvesting is the best way to conserve this water. It can be used to take care of the ornamental plants.

It is basically distilled which is safe for the plants though it can be corrosive to the metals. The condensate water may contain heavy metals from the air conditioner coils so it shouldn’t be used for the edible plants.

Water harvesting not only saves money but it also conserves water resources. It may don’t seem like a lot of water but constant dripping adds up and it all can be collected. This can be later used for watering the garden.

The water can be collected in a bucket or a catchment system or plants can be placed below the dripping pipes.

Placing Plants

Place plants tactically nearby the dripping pipe. Plant only those who need to be watered in the summers but can go without much water in the winters. Because during summers air conditions are used most of the time while in winters no air conditioning is required. No requirements for air conditioning means no condensate water.

If you plan to plant them near a ground or first-floor window unit you should choose plants that grow only a few feet.

Catchment Systems

You can get several gallons of water by simply placing a bucket below the drip. But you’ll have to keep emptying it in a bigger drum otherwise it’ll overflow and water would be wasted.

The ultimate efficient solution would be a properly installed catchment because it is not possible to keep an eye on a bucket 24/7.

Getting a catchment system installed would be costly. Instead, you can create a simple and inexpensive one by yourself. Learn how to make a catchment system.