The holiest of all awards just dawned upon us and we have your quick oscar inspired snack fix right here. Sure, we can’t mingle with the celebrities but these snacks sure do make us feel glamorous.

Here’s a list of our ultimate favorite oscar themed snacks:

1. La La Land

Photo and recipe: Christal Sczebel / Nutritionist in the Kitch

A struggling pianist and an aspiring actress in Los Angles? It doesn’t get more classic than that. And what’s even more classic is the American comfort food that is a speciality of the Lighthouse Cafe where Gosling took Stone out for a date. There’s nothing better than an iconic jazz club with comfort finger food like french fries and tater tots.

Herb & Garlic Tater Tots

2. Arrival

Photo and recipe: Chungah Rhee / Damn Delicious

While Amy Adams tried decoding 12 different language of the extraterrestrial spacecrafts that have landed on earth, there is nothing extraterrestrial about this dish except that you can make it in any language possible.

Sausage, Potato and Green Bean Foil Packets

3. Fences

Photo and recipe: Carmen Sturdy / Life by Daily Burn

A movie set in the 1950s Pittsburg, revolving around a family where a father struggled to understand his son’s dreams of playing college football. There is no better way to celebrate the bond of a family than a classic homestyle pot pie.

Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Mug Recipe

4. Hell or High Water

Photo and recipe: Lindsay Ostrom / Pinch of Yum

While two brother carry out armed robberies in West Texas to save their beloved ranch from foreclosure and to help their family out, this delicious Barbeque pizza won’t rob you of any of your happiness.

Barbeque Chicken Sweet Potato Pizza 

5. Hidden Figures

Photo and recipe: Sharon / Plated With Style

In this 1961 based film, three female African American women proved their roles by working at NASA after overcoming a racial obstacles in a white male dominated society. Just as how they stood out in society, these incredibly delicious meatballs are going to stand out at any dinner they’re a part of.

Paleo Swedish Meatballs 

6. Lion

Photo and recipe: Emma Christensen / The Kitchn

A young man who sets out to search for his family in India after being separated from them as a child, is nothing less than a tearjerker. Just incase the mouth watering Indian comfort food leaves you starving, you can opt for these scrumptious healthy baked samosas.

Crispy Baked Samosas With Potatoes And Peas

7. Moonlight

Photo and recipe: Tessa Arias / Handle the Heat

Struggling to find his identity and path in life, Chiroz takes us on a journey in the rough neighbourhood of Miami. Just like how Chiroz’s friend, Kevin, made him Arroz Con Pollo at an Atlanta diner, you can make a healthy version of it at home.

Healthy Arroz Con Pollo 

8. Manchester by the Sea

Photo and recipe: Robin Terry / Cali Cooking Girl

While learning about becoming a guardian of your late brother’s teenage son may not be the news you’d expect in a little coastal town of Massachusetts, these lobster rolls however will instantly lift anyone’s day.

Lobster Rolls Lettuce Wraps With Brioche Crumbles