Pet owners around the world are baffling their dogs by hiding.

The viral challenge “what the fluff” is really funny because of the way pets react.

The challenge involves getting your dog to sit and watch as the owner stands behind a cloth sheet or a blanket.

Owners lift it to cover themselves completely and then drop the blanket. After repeating it a couple of times the owner then lifts a blanket and hide before it drops leaving their dogs baffled and shocked.

What the fluff Sophie?! #whatthefluff #whatthefluffchallenge

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The fun part is the reactions of each pet. Most of the pets tried to look for the owners panicked struck.

But not every pet is up for it. Some are just not bothered.

This is the level of concern your feline friend has for you.

The cuteness and innocence of this challenge is overwhelming. It warms your heart and then melts it. No one with a heart can scroll past these cute videos shared by pet owners.

These videos are adorable and show an unbreakable bond between pets and their owners.

But not every pet is lucky. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took this viral thread as an opportunity to create awareness.

They turned what the fluff challenge into a public service announcement. And it is the saddest PSA we have come across.

Their tagline is painful, ‘many owners left their pets and never came back’.

They made a video featuring dogs that were left to them. You can watch that video here:

SPCA Takes On The #WhatTheFluff Challenge

Think you’ve already seen all the #WhatTheFluff Challenge videos?

Posted by SPCA Singapore on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

If you adopt a pet you adopt it for life. Pets get attached to their owners and face emotional trauma when left. It is not humane to abandon a living being like this.

And apart from everything else just look at these munchkins aren’t they cute? How could anyone hurt them?

Now you know why dogs are the most loyal pets?