You Do Not Deserve To Be Bullied!


Speaking to those who have been bullied, you never deserved that kind of treatment!

Speaking to those who are being bullied, stand up for yourself now!

Speaking to those who actively bully, seek out help because you are better than this

Like any other problem – bullying needs to be taken seriously too. The victims of bullying, harassment, and abuse often end up with shattered confidence, low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts and attempts. Such a problem which can ruin and take lives of innocent individuals is worth a discussion on every platform.

Statistics show over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying.

To help you realize the harmful effects of bullying we have compiled some REAL LIFE STORIES from people who have been bullied over the years. Some people were strong enough to fight back while others are still learning to survive each day.

“As a Hindu kid, I am usually bullied for celebrating 14th August- Pakistans independence day. My classmates often ask me questions like ”  ‘aap yahaan Kya Kar rahe ho? Wapas jao. Aap 14th August celebrate karogay Yan 15th August? My mom tells me Pakistan is our land too and the white part in the flag is what represents us.”- anonymous

Now imagine what this kid might be going through, he has no clue why he is being isolated and ganged up against. He just wants to be included and accepted by his peers. At this stage, it is important for parents to identify the problem and speak to other parents and teachers.

“As a bald girl of 5th grade, you can imagine the name calling and bullying I would go through in school. There used to be a shampoo with an egg image on it, by the name of samsol and that is what everyone especially the boys in my class starting calling me. So every day I would hear samsol samsol from every corner of the class. It bothered me at first but then I became defensive and stood up for myself.”

“I knew this temporary baldness will result in beautiful hair so I ignored the mocking at times and on other occasions I retaliated- and it worked. Today I can educate my four girls better about bullies and how not to let them get to you.”- Anonymous

“When I started my grade 7th, I got some really ugly pimples on my face. Thanks to teenage acne thingy. I didn’t notice them because I never cared about my appearance. But my classmates and teachers started noticing those tiny zits. Those years were really tough, I lost all my confidence and suffered from low self-esteem. I hated going to school and coaching centre. I hated taking pictures. People asking and making fun of my face, that feeling was horrible. One of them started calling me danedar. Someone said my face looks bigger than my body”, narrates Sajal Ahsan.

“I was always an exceptional student, the earliest memory I have is of grade 3 when I was studying at a school in Lahore and I got the first position in exams. The “smart” kids made a game of asking me to run after them every day in the break, that is if I wanted to have friends in class! Being a chubby kid I could never chase them and they always made sure no one talks to me. In O levels, I rejected a classmate who asked me out on a date. From the next day onwards my class desk used to be messed up with chalk every morning with drawings of a fat square with a ponytail and frown.”

“Every time I was bullied, I remained aloof and acted indifferent in front of my bullies but I used to cry myself to sleep for many nights. I made sure I never let such incidents affect my studies, career or friendships. You can be bullied at any time, even at the workplace and even after you’re married! But you have to make sure you never run away from it, face it with a straight poker face and do whatever is right.  The bullies will eventually get bored and leave you alone.”- Anonymous

Bullying is not limited to school going children, you can most likely be a victim of it at any age. Since the reports regarding school and workplace bullying are the highest it is important to address these issue in that particular sphere.

If your child is trying to tell you something, please listen to him or her. And even if you notice the slightest of inconsistency in their behavior, try talking to them about it.

Communication is the key to understand and solve the problem